Winsford Utd Accepted Into FA Cup

Winsford United have been accepted into the FA Cup for 2020/21. The FA recently issued an update on this years competition in line with government guidelines and on the 3rd August released a statement for step 5

clubs. For this years competition, it is the intention of the FA to retain 736 participating clubs as per the previous season. This is the maximum number of clubs that can be accommodated under the current structure. in total there have been 889 applications received for the 2020/21 competition.

The full list of clubs who have been accepted was also released along with the list of clubs to receive exemption, competition format, round dates and the prize fund.

This season the Emirates FA Cup  competition will be due to start on Tuesday 1 September 

The list of accepted clubs and round exemptions has also been released, while the early draws for the extra preliminary and preliminary rounds will be released on Tuesday 18 August.

In order to assist in easing pressure on the football schedule, there will be no replays for the 2020-21 season in the qualifying competition. The schedule for the competition proper will be released in due course. 

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