Sparkling Perry Signs Again

Signing for another season is Winsford stalwart Perry Birkumshaw.

Here's what Perry told us about his happiness for the coming season:

"Winsford is my home town so as long as I’m given the opportunity I’m always going to choose to represent this club. The Managers a hero of mine too so why not!

Last season was disappointing for all of us, there were a lot of games where we dropped points and games that just didn’t go our way.

I’m hoping to finish higher up the table and pick up some silverware, We’ve been close a few times but I’d really like a winners medal".

asked about the long break and lack of football during the Covid-19 lock-down Perry said "I’ve been working from home throughout the whole of lock-down which gave a bit of structure to my days but ready to get back to old ways.

With Preseason well under way we asked Perry how he has adjusted to coming back ?

"Preseason is good, but tough. Plenty of new talent and also abit of competition!"

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