Mr Darcy's Pride Signing For Winsford

Hi Darcy, welcome back!

Q: What’s made you choose Winsford United again?

A: The reason I’ve chosen Winsford again this season is that there is some unfinished business here with how we started the season last year, along with that I feel the lads as a group is something that I want to carry on to be part of, the ambition for next season was a massive reason really as there has been a lot behind the scenes effort from the top to bottom which you can’t ignrore and want to be part of . 

Q: What were your thoughts on last season?

A: I felt last season we was very up and down with results,  a lot of situations were not going our way after putting in good performances but last year there was a collective disappointment among the lads and staff that we definitely didn’t achieve what the squad was capable of.

Q: What are your hopes for this season? Individual and team?

A: Individually for this season I’d like to get on the score sheet more and give more to the team , for the team everyone’s hopes is to be in the top 4 or at least top half by Christmas so yeah I’d say as long as we are there about by half way through the season I reckon we got a good enough chance to do something  great.

Q: What have you been up to in Lock-down?

A: During lock-down has been different really as I have just finished first year of university I was expecting to do some coaching but that all fell through with the current situation we are all in. So there has been lots of scenic walks and runs for me, managed to get away to Wales but that’s about it really rather boring. 

Q: How’s preseason training going?

A: Preseasons going great the training is good with lots of intense work with the amount of coaches we have now it’s been good for everyone to get the same amount of work and coaching. Can’t wait for the friendlies to begin now.


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