Boomerang Returns!

Winsford Utd are delighted to announce the retention of shot stopper Michael Langley!

Welcome back Michael....

Why Winsford?

I've joined winsford because I'm selling me car Haha no it's my local team and there trying to do things properly which you can see it slowly coming together o and duckys alright aswell...

How’s preseason?

Pre season has bin stop start for me I had a serious knee injury last year so I've got to manage what I do so I'm the fittest i can be....

Hopes for this year?

I'd love an fa cup run like the one we had a few years ago when we took whitby to a replay and to finish as high as we possibly can. Ducko has got a good group of lads together so hopefully we can achieve that....

Ducko says:

Boomerang is the best keeper in the league when he’s fit. He’s worth ten points a season alone so it was no-brainer to ensure we kept him. He can be a bit quiet but we’re trying to bring him out of his shell. He commends the back four and demands the best from his defence. There’s no one I’d rather have between the sticks.

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